ISOTEL Sensor Network

Scalable Decentralized & Distributed and Reliable Platform for Internet of Things (IoT)

This project is about open-source and royal-tee free communication protocols between the devices. Communication interfaces are in majority built on the top of proprietary and closed code communication protocols, which are governed by big players. However based on our research in sensor networks and a vast number of research papers on communication protocols and ongoing research at institutes and universities, the project is about joining forces to build a truly open-source network infrastructure for IoT.


  • 100% decentralized and autonomous operation, self-managing and self-healing
  • automatic network (re-)configuration for simple deployment
  • multi-point fail-safe operation
  • adaptive and responsible bandwidth to support various kinds of sensors
  • high level of security
  • mobility support
  • object-like protocol stack structure


The key layer of research and development is the Data Link (Layer 2 per OSI) independently of type of the physical interface in a multi-point network, wired or wireless and from low to high end speeds.

The 2nd major challenge represent a scalable Network Layers (Layer 3 per OSI), with focus on large scale routing protocols and reliability.

Supplementary layers that simplify the building blocks for the new kind type of network architecture.

Development Platforms


  • LoRa + PSoC6 Module and Development Kit